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Purchase Magic show tickets online by going to our donate button above and donate the amount you would like to purchase tickets with, then call us to designate funds to child tickets, 307-587-4361.You can also purchase at the listed businesses on poster.(Proceeds go to supporting CASA)

Remember October 7th, 2022:


The Taste of Park County at the Cody Auditorium


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       Fundraiser  Sept. 16th 
Don't miss out!
Sponsor or create a team for our CASA Golf Tournament! You can do this by donating through our donate button above and call our office at 307-587-4361 to designate funds, or stop our office at 1388 Rumsey Ave. in person to sponsor or play.  

Emily's Dragon

Emily's Dragon shows just one of the many instances a child victim of abuse/neglect may encounter.

A Child will on average spend 8 months less in the foster care system when a CASA Advocate is assigned.


  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer advocate click the Read More button below

So many things have changed this year. B

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